Blogmas Day 5

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good day! What have you been up to today? Anything fun?

I was working all day. It was good to get out of work at 5pm today. It was busy. Good day but busy. We joke around with each other. It has been pretty chill so far. I try not to push my boundaries too far. The mood is light for now until we get really crazy, but we all still have fun.

After work we went to the “Christmas Tree Lighting” that was down town. We missed it. I thought it was later at night. I was a little disappointed that I missed it because of work. We went to these other house that had a fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital (of what I notice looking around) and had Santa Claus to get pictures with. I did notice they had a nice tribute to Paris.

There were loads of people there. These houses and the neighbors house were all light up. It was like a Christmas Wonderland. It was magnificent.

Brother’s Restaurant for dinner. Great family friendly place in town. Delicious food.

Day 5 of Advent Yankee Candle Calendar

Bayberry Candle. Smells sweet and evergreeny. Yum!

I have had this up for 24 hours and it smells so good. Balsam is one of my favorites.

Rambling is over. I hope everyone enjoyed their day. If you have never read my blog before…. WELCOME!!

See you all tomorrow with another Blog for Blogmas.


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