Blogmas Day 6

Hello Everyone!

(This picture doesn’t do it justice. Fireplace Mantle. Some garland with pine cones and fairy lights. Pillar Candles and Tea Lights. The Pillar are on Remote and I can shut them off when I want too. I am so obsesed with it. I love it!)

I wish I had chips right now. I am hungry. After this I will get some. #Hangry

It is DAY 5 of Blogmas!! How exciting!!!!

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar:

Today’s scent is Balsam and Cedar. I would know that scent anywhere.

Today, I cleaned. That’s not very exciting, but it was very satisfying (thumbs up to Mum and I & Sister).

We got the Christmas Tree UP(!!!!!) this evening. I am so excited. Now I feel festive. I think I still need to go into Salem or Boston to get the full feel though. I would love to shop at Primark (my blog is on here). Suppose to be one of the best stores. I know a lot of British (my people, meaning ancestors) shop there.

It was a great day off and a well deserved glass(es) of wine today. I am so grateful for having the motivation I do. When I want something I will go for it and stick with it until I am done.

One of my favorite ordainments this year. We have two of these to represent the kittens. My sister bought these. I never thought to buy these. She is very thoughtful all the time. She surprises me all the time. I am so proud of her from where she had come.

Short day today. Not much went on except clean and set the Christmas Tree up with my sister and mom. It was fun to have a little time together. I hope everyone had a great day! Plan on seeing me tomorrow as well.

See you Later!!!


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