Blogmas Day 7

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great day today. And if not, breath, sip a little wine, and think positive for tomorrow. It is a new day.

Day 7 Advent Calendar:

Smells like Red Apple Wreath. I am probably completely wrong. Just smells good though.

I thought a little DIY from Michael’s Craft Store was in order for today. I FAILED at this wreath.

Burlap Wreath:

Supplies you will need:

Burlap rolls (2)


Wire Wreath
 And your cats or pets to help you.

Step 1:

Make a bow tie. You pinch and twist.

Step 2:

Attach the Bow Tie to the wired wreath.

Step 3:

Repeat until the blank Burlap is done for the first layer.

Step 4:

Get your cats to sit together and take that cute picture.

Step 5:

Get the Printed Burlap. Make the Bow Ties and put them in the blank spots of the wreath.

I completely failed at making the print go all the way around.

This is a fun, quick and easy project to decorate your front door. It is that rustic feel for winter. Bows are easy to make as well.

Learning experience: Make sure you have enough materials to make your DIY worth doing.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY. Michael’s Craft Store has been a great inspiration for my creativity. Hope you go check them out.

See you all tomorrow!


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