Blogmas Day 8 and 9: Seasonal Candle Haul 

Hello Everybody!!!

Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday. I got up this morning and ate breakfast out of a Christmasy bowl and had Tea in a Ho Ho mug. It was kind of cloudy this morning.

Are you cozy in bed at night and wondering what you are missing for a candle or a nice scent to for the season? While watching your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie.

I can help with that.

And O-M-G!! If you weren’t in the Christmasy mood then these candles will help you out.

Tis the Season.

This candle smells like pine, cider, and apples all in one. It is just like the smell of christmas when baking apple pies, warm apple cider, and your christmas tree. Best smell ever.


Self explanatory. It smells like that thick pine smell of a Christmas Tree. It is infused with fresh fir balsam, mint, and fresh pine. Oh, my, close your eyes and you feel like your in a Christmas Tree farm.

Fresh Balsam.

Again self explanatory. If you have never smelled balsam before, and the fresh stuff. Go and get a balsam ball and some balsam greens. This is the candle that smells exactly like this. Snow-dusted balsam, fresh fir trees, and eucalyptus (euc) leaves.  (Side Note: Seeded Euc doesn’t have a smell. It is the Spiraled Euc that does. It make my fingers all sticky).

s euc


It smells like a cinnamon/peppermint smell with some pine and evergreen mixed in. There is a wreath on the front. It smells like a dream. Makes me relaxed actually.

Mahogany Balsam.

Smells like a lot of Christmas greens. The smell of fresh balsam, juniper berries, and fresh mahogany is just the most delightful Christmas smell ever.

All of these candles are from Bath & Body Works. This store and Yankee Candle is one of my favorite places to get candles now. Plus I get my body wash there too.

Day 8 and 9 Advent Calendar:

Day 8 smelled like an appley smell.

Day 9 smelled like Mistletoe. The pine and greens with white berries mixed in.

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