Blogmas Day 11: Lavendar

Good Morning Everybody!

Smells awesome like fruit. Sweet smell. I think it is Christmas Eve. 

It is #FlowerFriday (late) in Blogmas.

Lavender is one of the simpler of flowers. Very easy to dry, use in food, and flower arrangements. Herbs are good to keep in your home to use in cooking and good sense around the house. Lavender smells amazing.

Flower Meaning:

Lavender’s meaning is very negative. If your superstitious you may not want to have this in a wedding. It is… Distrust.

But for Christmas you are in Luck.

Lav Tree

 Christmas Tree Topiary Lavendar Trees. They are so adorable and a great centerpiece for your table or bar area. Lavendar smells really good though. If you keep it trimmed like a Christmas Tree it will stay like that.

You can dry Lavendar and make it into a wreath. 


 This is also very festive for your front door if you want a rustic look. Plaid bow with burlap would look great with this. Very wary to make. Fun as well. 

I hope everyone had a great day and week. Hopefully you are all caught up on Blogmas. I am not sure if I am boring you. 

See you tomorrow! 

Things maybe a little spares the next two week but I am going to try my best. Look forward to favorites, Christmas Music, and baking up a storm. 

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition? 

Leave it in the Comments, Facebook or Twitter. 

Bye for now! 

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