Blogmas Day 12

Hello everyone!

Sorry this is going up so late. Saturday was a complete nightmare. Work was busy. Everyone was coming in last minute for funeral work and or quick bouquets. It was just a busy one. I guess there was a play at a local school. 

Not sure if I have any pictures from work I can show you. 

(Went and checked. Nothing there. Bummer.)

Got out of work. Tired as a dog. I ordered pizza and shared that with my little sister. Then went and get the dog a present. Have to do the cats, my best friends, and one more thing for my mom. 

Work will be crazy next week and the week after. It will be fun though. I love what I do and this is the time to make your money. 

My schedule got change a little bit this week. I can prep for these two weeks tomorrow though. You will see.

Sorry Saturday was kind of boring. Sunday is way better which is coming at you now.

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