Blogmas Christmas Favorites

Hello Everybody!

I can’t believe there is 2 Days to go until Christmas. That is CRAZY!! Let’s make these 2 more days fun. Here are my Top 5 Favorites about Christmas.



The smells like getting a real tree. Smelling that nice evergreen and balsam mix. Even though you can light a candle to make up for that…. somewhat.

The stuff people bake like sugar cookies, pie, and pastry.


This is one of my favorites because I don’t get to see family that often even if we do just live a half hour away from each other. Everyone is always busy working, sports with the kids, or music stuff. I know sports is big with our family.

My cousin play a lot of soccer and have Cross Country (my cousin that does this is going to be one of the biggest in this sport. I’m not just saying that. He really is good at it. He has made the school newspaper a few times). My other cousin is at college. She is making us all proud. I am a proud Big Cousin. That’s for sure. Can’t wait to see them.

My sister. I forgot about my sister. She is working all the time and I miss her too. I am proud of her too. She takes care of her kid (dog) all day and night. I can go to her for anything even if it is just small talk. Can’t wait to spend a little time with her this Christmas. Kind of spoiled her with Christmas Presents.


My friends are the best even though they are all getting married. I don’t mind. I know that they are alway here for me and I am always there for them. I am so excited one of them is coming up for Christmas and it is the best present ever. Tonight I am making cookies with my other bestie. Haven’t seen here in a while either. Thought see forgot about me. No. Never. Bridesmaid dress time on Sunday. YAY!! Just being with them is a blessing around the Holiday’s to have such great people around me. My other bestie is stay put this year. I am sad. 😦 I hope she will have a great Christmas with her husband and pups.

Even more friends 


insert pet

My Pets are the bomb-dot-com; Meaning, I love them so much. They are the cutest. My two miniature cats, the fish, the guinea pigs, and of course the dog.

Still missing My Fluffy. 18 years and this will be a hard and first Christmas without her. She was one of the best cats even thought you could only pat her for 2 seconds and nothing over that. If it was 2.1 she would give you a whack, wham, and a scratch.

To you Fluffy “Ziller”. We love you and miss you to bits and pieces. Cheers! Here is a bowl of vanilla ice cream just for you.

Christmas Lights:


Seeing all the Christmas Lights that people put up are absolutely crazy around here. Some have a couple of lights but others have an AMAZING 32,000 LIGHTS ON THEIR HOUSE. They are pretty. The electric bill must be A LOT!

Blessed to have everyone that I do in my life. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas; I am hoping you have a good holiday season with your family and friends. 

See you all tomorrow!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! 🎄

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