First 2015 Adventure

Hello Everyone!! 

 Happy 2016!!!!   
I hope everyone is having a great first two weeks of the New Year already. I know I have. Except for today. I have hit a bit of a snag with my computer and my Apple devices. I’m a little mad. Anyway, this was one of those adventures that was so much fun with my mom and grandmother (whom we call Nana). 

A week ago, we decided to take a day trip into Boston. We went to the Boston Aquarium. I don’t think I have been there since I was a kid. It was a great experience. I learned so much. 

First stop, as you go into the Aquarium you stop and get your picture taken as you walk in to get tickets. We walked in the Main Building with everyone around the Penguin Exibit. 

We started there then started to walk around to the different tanks of fish. 

(I wish I could show you the pictures and video I took when I was walking around there. Everything is on my camera. I am getting my computer fixed tonight). 

There was Bass, Jelly Fish, and some rain forest fish. I saw Paranas from the rivers of the Southern Parts of the world. It was crazy the amount of fish that were on display. Also, made friends with the biggest sea turtle in the Main Tank of the Aquarium. 

The Aquarium made me realize that the Earth we live on has so many affects on us and we can do so much to help. When I was at the Penguin Exibit they were taking about how one breed of penguin was going to be extinct in the next 5 to 10 years. They are from South Africa. All the Penguins that were in the Exibit were from the southern hemeosphere of the world. 

The Penguins that are going to be extinct don’t have enough food because of over fishing. A lot of the Penguins have to swim a long way to get to their food. I think if we try to not over fish and keep the ocean clean from oil spills and recycle properly we can make a difference. 

Our generation needs to make a change and fast. We have to take care of the Earth that gives us life and so many resources that are slowly going away. I recently watch a YouTube video that JacksGap just did on Climate Change. It was so beautifully done. I think people need to watch it. I will leave a link down below:

The Aquarium was the best adventure so far. I hope I can do more adventures and see what I can do in the future. If you have nothing to do go to a National Park, Wildlife Sancuatry, or the Aquarium. Learn about your resources and what happens to them. Let’s be the generation that makes a difference. 

Let me know in the comments what you do to recycle. Do you use a water bottle instead of using plastic bottles? Every little bit helps.

 I hope everyone is inspired to help out our Earth. Let’s make 2016 a better place for all of us. Spread love, keep positive, & make a change.

(When I get my computer fixed there will be a video about it.)  

 See you all soon!  


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