Petsmart Haul

Hello Everyone!

Hope your enjoying your Thursday morning. I know I am. I just got back from PetsMart and I was taking pictures of my cats with their new toys I just bought them. I have not spoiled them in a really long time, so I said you know what I’m going to get them some toys and new food bowls.

All the toys are Catnip inspired by the way.

Hedgehog Catnip refillable pouch:

Two Mouses made out of Catnip:

Two Pink food bowls because they are girls and I am sick of the Boy colors. They have a dog mat to hold the crumbs but it still does not help. Maybe Friday, I might go and get new dry food container and Water Bowl.

And I got them Purina Pro Plain Cat Food flavors they like. PetsMart has a huge selection of flavors. It is definitely better than what we were feeding them. The other stuff what like McDonalds everyday (Sorry McDonalds). I think the dry food is like the Purina Pro Plain Dry Food.

Shylah and Elvis are both girls and they are the best cuddlers in the world. I just like to send my love back to them as they to to me. They are both the best cats ever. I love them very much! ❤

See you all soon! (As i sign out Elvis wants to cuddle).


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