Snow Days as a 90s Kid

Hello Everyone!

Snow Days back in the 90s.

When I was young, there were no Tablets, iPads, Apple Television, Netflix, or iPhones to play games with. We always went outside or entertained ourselves with board games and puzzles.

Board games I use to play are….

These are only a few….



Jumpin monkeys






I use to get those 1000 piece puzzles out and try to put those together with my mother. We use to sit for hours together. We had popcorn and some hot cocoa.


My Mom and I would also do little Spa days. Paint our nails, do our hair, and have Make-up Parties.

During some of the snow storms, I would hang out with my dad. We use to watch This Old House and eat lunch. We would have Macaroni Elbows and Campbell’s Tomato Soup.


Now some kids have Video Games, iPads, iPhones, and computers to play with. Ya, I had video games and a computer, but we were only allowed so much time on it. Every memory of a snow storm from when I was little is a good one. It has always been fun.

Now, that I am older I help my dad clean up the snowy mess and clean my car off. It is snowing today and it is like a blizzard outside. I get to enjoy that at work this afternoon since it is Valentine’s Day week. I am already tired. Did not sleep well last night. Hopefully tonight I will.

Hope everyone stays safe on this snowy day in January. Would love to hear how you spent your Snow Days in the Comments or on my Social Media.

Happy Snow Day!!

See you later!


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