February Fun

February in a nutshell for me was so busy. Here is a little bit of a summary of what was going on.

Just getting through Christmas and the New Year madness at the shop has been crazy. We had a little bit of a break but there has been so many death lately that it is hard to keep up. It hasn’t just been all about death though we have had birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, and so much more.

(27 Dresses is on. One of my favorite movie because I say this is me. 27 Bridesmaid Dress and I will have three down by next year. 24 more to go before I get married; except I have no idea where the first dress is).

Skipping to Valentine’s Day! This is a week from hell. Everyone ordering bouquets, roses, and more. Some guys were saying they weren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day, but still ordering flowers. (I don’t get it. You either do or you don’t).

Then to the next weekend was one of my Best Friends Bachelorette Party. Friday, I was sick. I puked and had the worst headache EVER. I am not sure what happened. That night I got my self in the shower and was a trooper going out with the girls. Feeling a little bit better. Saturday was a down day. Saturday Night was Comedy Night at Price of Pizza for a fundraiser. We did this for Dana-Faber Cancer Research for someone we know that is running in the Boston Marathon. That was so much fun. I got to spend time with my parents and had a laugh. Oh, and we won a prize to go to Flat Bread Pizza.

This past week has been busy with funeral and bridal showers and more. Every bridal shower that has come in they see this trend on Pinterest of Babies Breath. I don’t get it. A stem of Babies Breath cost just as much as a flower. You. Are. Not. Saving. MONEY!!!! Plus, when babies breath gets to room temperature it smells like cat pee. Babies Breath is the old fashion that is coming back. I could give you Pros and Cons one day about this stuff.

Saturday, February 27th, was the day I did my “second Casket Cover” red and whites. Work has been fun.

That’s all I have for this month. I know I am a bad blogger. Trust me. I have missed writing to you.

I am making Chicken Noodle Soup today. I will give you a little tutorial about how I make it. I love make chicken noodle soup. It is for my mom who is sick and on the mend this week. I don’t want it. I will be uploading that maybe Wednesday or Thursday. I am going to work really hard on it.

See you all soon!


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