Tea Time With Me

Hello Everyone!

My new craze is TEA!! I can’t get enough of it. I love it so much!

I brew ice tea and hot tea.

The best infuser I have is in the shape of a cat. He is orange. I’m not sure what name to give him yet. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments down below.

I painted a tea cup. It is in the shape of a Tumble (Mason) Jar.

I will be putting up a video of what I did with it. It is just a really QUICK video (up Monday 9AM EST). Nothing special. One camera was suppose to be on the tea cup, but it didn’t record anything. I am so annoyed. I promise the next video will be better.


The Mason Jar is a nice gift Idea for Mother’s/Father’s Day.

If anyone knows anywhere that has a nice, but bargain buy of Tea pots and Cups that match; Could you please let me know? I am not sure where to look. Big Thank You!

Hope everyone has had a good Sunday! Please keep Ecuador in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Also, Big Shout out to some of my friends running the Boston Marathon tomorrow! Good Luck and Good Luck to all the runners too! 🙂

Good Night Everyone!


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