Mother’s Day DIY Centerpiece

Hello Everyone!

Here is a new DIY Mother’s Day Centerpiece. Silk flowers from Michael’s Craft Store (by the way, I am not in anyway shape or form related to Michael’s Craft Store).

Step 1:

Take 2 pieces of Spiraled Eucalyptus. Lay them together. Wire them together in three spots (both ends and the middle).

Step 3:

Take your Ivy or whatever greens you picked out and wire those in as well.

Step 4:

It is flower time. I picked Daisies, small Hydrangea, and a pink and purple Accent Flower.

This will spring up your arrangement.

Step 5:

Last step and your almost ready to present it on the table….

Add lights or some LIGHT UP CANDLES. Not the real ones. We don’t want anything to catch on fire.

You can also do this will real flowers and oasis. So that the flowers stay longer. This is very simple to do and fun to make. There will be a video up soon about it. I wanted to get the blog up so you could see what I had made.

I hope you enjoy make this. I want to see pictures. Use the Hashtag #EFBlogFlowers or tag me on instagram bestofliz_

I hope everyone enjoys Mother’s Day, making your mom’s happy on that day. See you all soon with another blog!!

Video up as well about a Mother’s Day Tea small and simple setup idea.

Quick and easy Tea Party Setup:

Hope you enjoy!



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