Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I don’t know how much I say “I love you”, “Appreciate you”, or “How much I look up to you as a strong woman”. I should say it a lot more than I do. I am saying it now to you and everyone that reads my blogs.

It’s Mother’s Day!!

I love my mom!

She is strong.

She is fierce.

She is independent.

She is one of the best people to talk to.

She has made two beautiful children (my sister & I).

She raised us to respect, appreciate, and live day to day.

She taught us to look at the positives in life (even though it is hard to sometimes).

She loves to ride her bike (motorcycle) around.

I know this day is about Mother’s all around the world. I hope everyone spends the day with there mom whether it be calling her from a far away distance, going to visit her at the cemetery (looking up in the sky and saying I love you), and/or giving them breakfast in bed.

Every Mom has their day. They do their best to raise you that best they can.

Hope the weather is AMAZING where ever you are in the world. I hope it will be nice here to start planting plants soon. It has been so cold and rainy lately.

Enjoy your day!

See you all Soon!!


Love you, Mom! Sorry I can’t be home with you today!

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