Cray, Cray, May

Hello Everyone!


I am back after a month of crazy. I am so very apologetic right now. I am going to be bringing you some awesome content. I have the Month from Hell story, A wedding story, and a family/friend NHRA vacation to bring to you.

OMG (Oh My Gahd)!! 🙂

It feels good to get back into this right now. It feels good to be sitting down and typing again. I feel like this is something that make me happy.

Get ready for my adventures and more from this past month and a half or so.

I will be posting once a week on Sunday’s at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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YouTube: Liz (going to try my best for a monthly vlog ((don’t quote me on that)))

I will post here when I upload.


See you soon with a blog tomorrow too!


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