It is 2016


Pride Flag

I am not sure what to name this blog. It might be the first time I don’t have a title.

These are just some thoughts about current events.

Do you remember in High School that one day of the week you had an assignment about current events?

I do.

Today’s current event is going to have to be the worst Mass Shooting in American History. Channel 5, which is my main news station I get on my phone and on television said there was a shooting in an Orlando night club. It didn’t have anything about the death toll or who the target was.

(By the way, at this point I am at a car show with my father. We were walking around looking at antique cars. After I got home it was a death of 50 people).

I’m not sure what people gain out of all of this. You just hurt innocent people that love and care for one another. They are regular people just like me and you. They work, eat, sleep and wipe their asses.

If your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer or a Transgender, I think you are courageous, beautiful, and a human. It is human nature to be attracted to whom ever you would like to be. It is human nature to care. I am sure back in the Stone Age, there were women with women and boys with boys. People just never wrote about it or it was all in secret. What if the whole witch trails was about some women liking another women? That would be some witch craft, right?

Now, I am just getting off of hand. It is getting silly; just like it is now with all the shootings. If they are not forcing you to be like them then just let them be.

It is 2016, we are still fixated on who, what, where, and when we should love someone of the same race/gender. We are not in Puritan times or Romeo and Juliet times where the “Man” of the household was to pick your husband (sorry if that offends anyone, but you are an individual and should be able to make your own decisions at the age of 18+ as an Adult in the USA).

I have friend(s) that are gay/bisexual and they are the best to hang out with. The sass is “REAL” and their fashion sense is on point. They are the best dancers and most fun to have around. I am not sure what I would do without them. My best memories are with them like birthdays, stripper poles, and clubbing. It has been awesome.

For me, I know who I am and I am happy. I just wish everyone would find the same happiness.

Love is Love. No matter who you are attracted too. You can’t catch a disease called “The Gay”. It is just a feeling. Let those feeling flow the way you want. If your first instinct is to love and look at boys then I say, “AMEN, Go for it!” If you like to look at girls I say, “AMEN, Go for it!”

I think I have made my main points for this blog.

Spread the Love. This is why I do “XOXO” every time I end my blogs.

I want to start a conversation. I want to hear your opinion (not a hate crime) in the comments below. I know this is out of my usual context but I think it needs to be talked about.


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