Orchid Care

Hello Everyone!

It’s #FlowerFriday!! Yes I am coming back with this. I have a lot of fun learning about the flowers I work with.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Orchid Plant Care!!! The DON’T’S are up first.

To care for an Orchid Plant, here are a few qualities you should know about them first.

  1. Orchids take Moister out of the air through their roots and green leaves. The Bathroom is a nice spot for them too be. It is like a tropical environment for them when you take a shower.
  2. Orchids like to be watered only once a week. *How to water will be down bellow.*
  3. Orchids are easy to take care of.
  4. Orchids go dormant for about 3 months+.

How to NOT water an Orchid:

Well, if you have heard anything about “The Ice Cube Method” then get that out of your brain now.

No Ice_Fotor

This is very WRONG and it doesn’t give them enough water. Please don’t do this. I can’t stress this enough.

How to water an Orchid the RIGHT way:

When you purchase an orchid it comes in a decretive container (at least ours do).

To water an Orchid properly:

Orchid will be in a plastic container with holes. Take it to the sink and run the water on it until it is coming out the holes.

Let it drain.

Place back into decretive pot.


If you do this each week you will be just fine. The orchid will get enough water for the week.

Remember, orchids take moister out of the air as well. Orchids are a tropical plant. The bathroom is an ideal place for them. Orchids like some sun light or just a bright room.

Orchids are low maintenance plant. When all the blooms fall off; cut the stem back and fertilize once every 3 weeks. In between fertilizing, water it the same way and you should get your blooms back. While it is dormant it has be in a dark spot. If you don’t want to take care of it like that then toss it and get another one.

Hope you enjoyed this little read of Orchid Care! I want to see your orchid pictures. Use the #LizFlowerFriday or tag me bestofliz_. There will be another one next Friday with Loose cut flowers.

Have a wonderful Friday!

See you Next time!



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