Happy Father’s Day!!

Hello Everyone!

It is Father’s Day! I hope you all are enjoying it this Sunday. I am currently at a Church Mass at a Cemetery Honoring this lost Car Guys. They raced and are a part of a club. If you have lost your father go and visit and tell him you Love Him. He will be looking down on you for sure.

We have been going to this Father’s Day Run with all the antique cars for a couple of years now. It has been awesome to spend time with my dad. Which I usually don’t get to that often.

Here is a letter to you, dad.

Dear Dad,

I love the way you have the strength to support me in all my dreams.

I love that you give me financial advice when I need it. Like all the time.

I love when we go to the mall to spend time with car friends.

I love that we went to go pick up the 54 Chevy. That was the best day. I don’t regret one minute of this car. It is super cool and everyone was impressed when we go to car shows.

I love how strong (as a personality treat) you are.

I love you!

I hope you spend this Father’s Day with lots of laughs and love. I know the whole day is going to be awesome.

Love Your First Born

Happy Father’s day!



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