10 Reasons why florist drink wine….?

Wine and flowers


Reasons for florist to drink wine all the time….

Reason 1:

When someone asks for a specific thing, but they mean something else.

Reason 2:

People come in with the biggest attitude known to man. “Please don’t hurt me!” Is what I am thinking.

Reason 3:

When people get all specific and ask what kind of flowers are going to go in the arrangement. Then they say “Oh! That sounds great!” And they have no clue what you are talking about.

If you give us colors we can make something very nice for you.

Reason 4:

The Budget Customer:

They come in with a very low budget for flowers. They want all high end flowers like… Hydrangea, peonies, roses, lilies, snapdragon and more… “Can you fill this vase for $5.00?” “Umm… If your just want water in it. Sure?!?!?!” :-/ I mean come on. We also have to take time out of our day to fill your order. Please give us a little something to work with!

Reason 5:

When your Freshman employees should know the shops pricing by now (Year Later). Or know how to add up a vase and not just give away flowers to someone. “$50.00 vase. Sure. 8 Roses at $5.00. And touches of color.” “Ya sounds good.”

Vase $8 + $40 (rose at $5 * 8 a stem = $40) + Dahlia at $3 * 8 + Greens + accent + other flowers at $2 a stem = $70.00 all together. I guess we are a charity and just give away flowers. NOT!!!! LOL!!!

The Church I can see. But not to the average person on the street.


Reason 6:

Phone Orders. People mumble. People don’t spell fanatically (When ‘N’ = Nancy and ‘M’ = Mary). Then they call and we ask “What is the name of the deceased? Umm… I am not sure can you look it up? What is the funeral home? Umm…. I am not sure. Why don’t you call us back with the information? We are going to file your order.” Hand to forehead and a big sigh.

Reason 7:

People ask the dumbest of questions and your reading off the sign that is provided to them in the land of plants. Meaning the Green House.

Reason 8:

Old People. They can’t hear and they can’t understand a word your saying or what they are saying.

Reason 9:

When someone calls for a recipient that liked the flowers but the customer didn’t.

Example: Mother & Daughter. Mother sends flowers to daughter for birthday. Mother gets picture from daughter thanking her for the flowers. Mother disgusted with the flowers. Mother calls and asked what she can do to fix this situation. You say we can exchange them out with different one. Mother says “Take away her flowers?” The daughter really liked them and the Mother just wanted to be a pain in the ass. Because she had nothing better to do with her day except… complain. I guess she was bored.

Reason 10:

Retail SUCKS!!!! & Just because… We can.

It is easy to go to the Liquor Store on the way home. & be a Wine Club Member!! 🙂


I hope you all found this funny. I have. This has been hands down one of the funniest things to think of for this Friday. I know it isn’t a Flowers, but it is something to laugh about. I have a dry sense of humor. I know everyone can be a pain and it isn’t our fault for making them mad. It is what it is.

Please don’t be offended. Just in good fun! 🙂 I truly do love my job. Let me know some of your retail stories down below in the comment section.

See you all soon!! 🙂


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