July 4th Weekend

Hello Everyone!

July 4th weekend was a fun on for me.

On Saturday, I worked 8AM to 1PM. That was nice to let me have the afternoon off. That’s when I made Summertime Salsa and Summertime Sangria. We had a cookout with my parents friends.

On Sunday, it was a relaxing day with family I haven’t seen in a while. I went up to my cousins camp. Sat on the beach at the pond and soaked up the sun. I came home that evening. Sat on the porch and got eaten by bugs.

On Monday, I gardened with my mom in the morning. Got the front looking fine. I think I did kill one plant though. Might have to go out and get a new one at some point.

After getting the garden done and watered. It was really hot outside. My mom and I decided to fill up the dogs pool for the afternoon. It had become lukewarm by the time we were finished with lunch. I also forgot that the hose was running while making lunch and the pool was over flowing.


We sat in the pool for a while and just relaxed. I had a beer and had my water to keep hydrated. Also, throughout the weekend I was babysitting plants. I had to go and water those. We were done being sun kissed. We sat in the shade and just talked. It was my father’s birthday the next day and we had to go back to work.

My eventful 4th of July weekend! It was AWESOME!! Thanks for reading my blog posts!

See you again soon!


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