Gaining Knowledge

Hello Everyone,

I really like the idea of growing your own food like vegetables. This is a way for young children to see how much responsible they need to be to take care of their resources.

I have started my own these past two years. Taking after my Grandfather who used to have the most amazing garden in his back yard. He was growing thing up until the Fall time. Last year we had Green Beans (which took over the whole garden), carrots we tried our best at, cucumber (which we have again this year), and now we are trying to grow eggplant and zucchini.


I recently read someone’s blog post about their own garden. This was their first year at their new home. She made a raised garden. I think 6×6. The only pests are rabbits. That is normal. Fencing will take care of that.

This is her link:

She has a raised bed.

She has been growing lettuce, potatoes, and more. Go check her blog out.

See you all soon!



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