Hello Everyone!

A sanctuary…

A place where I can escape.


My very oldie but goodie sanctuary was skiing. I was that feeling of the cold air on you nose, the sun on your face, and the snow beneath your feet. As gravity is pulling you down the mountain, you feel as if you are flying. I always said I was on “Cloud 9”. Having that Cloud 9 feeling, when you were being bullied in High School; I could not wait until the week was ending on a Friday at 1:55pm. Winter was my favorite season back when. Not so much now.


Now, in 2016 I love the Fall and Holiday Season. My new Sanctuary now is blogging, walking/hiking, and being at a National Park. I love the scenery, colors, warm sun and crisp air on my face, sweaters (jumpers for the Brits), and scarves (I have learned to be come obsessed with). I really want one of those big scarves that look, so cozy. I wear one to work because it is an ice freezer working with the flowers. I love being crafty.

So, look out for the Holidays, Craft Time!! 🙂

Oh and Hockey! I love Hockey! And my Wine! Can’t forget that!

Working 40 hours a week and blogging for fun is something I have to learn to schedule. I am!

I think I have changed a lot over the years. I have found my happy again. It took me a while but I am here and still am willing to grow as a person, human, and woman. I am not in love with myself but that will still take time.

Stay Positive! Laugh More! Love more!

See you all soon!


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