Bridal Shower Chaos

Hello Everyone! How is everyone today? It’s Sunday Funday!

Last weekend we had a Bridal Shower for my best friend that is getting married in November. I am so excited for her. I had met with the maid of honor and talked a theme.

We picked….

Fall in Love.


It was an awesoem set up. We had food in one part of the house on a table.



I think when you set up a table you need to have different levels. The cupcake stand work awesome. The wine glasses I borrowed from her aunt to seperate the crackers and cheese. It was just grand table of food. Bits of extras were on the side table.


The cups with the popcorn were the favors. We had got prints. They said, “Mike popped the question & Erin said ‘Yes!’ 11-4-16” with their wedding date. I loved the way they came out.

Somoe of her cousins or aunts bought the cakes at a bakery. They were so pretty. It had Orchids with lilies on the other one. They were so good too. Yummy!!

Everything was really elegant.

Presents were just scattered on the floor. I had her husband to be make up some things her loved about his future wife.

Also had flower arrangements throughout the house. The roses are called Free Spirit Roses. They smell amazing and are an impressive rose. I created a Date Night Popsicle Stick Idea section. I actually want to bring it to the reception so more people can get in on it.

This was really fun to do with the Maid of Honor. It was stressful but so worth it for my best friend. She is an awesome person and I want her to have the best. I do nothing small when it comes to a party. It is either go big or go home in my book. I love to decorate and do DIYs that are cheap. They just look expensive.

I hope you guys can get some Ideas from this post. Let me see some of your pictures. I want you to use the #LizIreneDIYs. Have fun! I hope this helps anyone that was looking for Fall ideas for a Bridal Shower. It is Wedding season!

Stay Positive! Work Hard! Dream Big! See you soon!!


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