Decluttering the Kitchen

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone? Have you ever wanted to declutter a room? I have. My mom and I took the kitchen by storm.

It has been a long time coming to declutter the kitchen in our house. We accumulated a lot over the years and didn’t even know it. I moved out for a year kind of, my grandmother moved in 9 years ago, and we also had a summer/winter house we got rid of. All of these houses have been in one for too long.

DIYs by The Sweetest Occasion

We had so many of these that we filled a plastic container box. We got rid of so many things that a yard sale is necessary.

If you need to declutter; It is more of a “Just Do It” type of thing. You have to tackle it one cabinet at a time. Ask yourself, when was the last time you used it? Are you going to use it? When is the last time you saw this? Do you remember getting this? Clean out your spices yearly for fresh flavors. Have a cooking section and baking section.

starting over

Starting over:

Starting new is fun. We had to clean out the bad memories and get rid of the hand-me-downs. It was a very long time coming. I don’t want anymore memories of the house or that day he passed. I just want to keep the good memories.

I think this is what we needed to do as a family and for my mom especially. She has wanted to do this for a long time too. It was a good day to do it because it was raining out. I was so excited it was raining because we really need the rain. Rain is good for cleaning.

Have you ever started over? What was the first thing you did to make you happy?

Hope you enjoyed this little Declutter Advice and start over blog! I think I am going to try and get some video clips of that day! If Video Maker will work for me! Stay positive! Keep your Head up! Dream Big!

See you soon!



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