Hello Everyone! It’s Sunday!! 

I hope everyone has a good week coming up. We all need to stay positive through the negatives, be kind to one another, and help lift people up. Keeping this energy going is hard, I know. I am not so great at it sometimes but I always come home to my pets and they put a smile on my face. Like this guy…

My sister sent me this today. They went on a walk and he looks so happy. What a year he has had with us? He has been growing into an awesome dog. He protects the house. He is the type of dog that he wants to be friends with everyone. He is a positive pup despite his up bringing from 1 year to age 4. Lucky that my sister got him when she did. Just that the cats don’t like him and the dog hates them too. It’s ok. I get to cuddle with these two goofy fur balls every night. 

I am happy that I got new sneakers today. They are comfortable. Have arch supports in them. They are black so you can’t see the dirt. We will see how long they last. 

Upcoming this week:

Scheduling a Mom take over on my blog Next Sunday. I am not sure what she is going to write about but I told her to keep it positive. 

Also, on next Monday I am going to try and put a vlog up of the Dragway. It is going to be Dragging in the 50s so all the nastalga cars will be there. I have been practicing videoing my days. Autocorrect won’t let me use the correct terminology. :/ 

I know this blog is all over the place. Please give it a like and follow me. I try to do DIY and Adventure Blogs. Right now I can hear the crickets. Just loving the sounds of summer. 🙂 

Hope you enjoy your week! Remember to lift someone up because everyone has something going on. Stay positive! Be yourself! Keep on dreaming! 

See you soon!!! 


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