Happy 100th Birthday National Park Service!!!

Good Morning!!

Since I was little I was always at a National Park. My park has been Saugus Iron Works. My cousin worked there.

Then she went to Lowell Boot Mills. That was fun. When I turned 8 she brought me to camp. I meet a lot of cool camp counselors. Soon I became a Junior Counselor at camp. That was fun volunteering. During the summer, a while after that I volunteered at the Lowell Folk Festival. I collected raffle tickets. It was a good experience.

When I went to school I worked for the National Park Service in Saugus. I helped develop an education program and planned 17th Century Saturday’s.

Salem Maritime is Saugus sister park. Salem was crazy. I met so many people that were awesome. They were nice, helped me out, and Halloween was hilarious. Of course most have moved on since (like me).
I want to thank my cousin for introducing me to the National Park Service over the year. It truly has been a blessing. Have fun celebrating with Rosie the Bison! 😊

See you soon!


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