Family Always

It’s Sunday! I have been excited for this day. My Mom’s take over for the day. Enjoy!


The other day I was asked to do a Blog for my daughter Liz. I said to myself, how hard can this be. What can I write about?

Well, I’ll write about family and what it means to me. There is a lot going on in this world and a lot of people seem to forget how to be a family. I love my family and spending time with all of them. Most times I have to spend time with one family member at a time because of everyone’s work schedule. 

My daughter Melissa, she works at a doggy daycare, which she takes in dogs during the day and watches the dogs. They feed the dogs and play with them outside. She is a super hero to be able to take on fifty to sixty dogs a day. 

My other daughter Liz is a floral designer. Not sure where she gets her talent from but, the designs that she comes up with for her clients are so special. Liz will make arrangements to make anyone smile. Even if your having a really bad day she can give you a lift. 

My husband drives a truck during the day and works on his 54’ Chevy on weekends. We have such fun taking the car and spending time together. We don’t see to much of each other since I work at a hospital and my hours can be crazy. Most times I get home and My husband is already asleep. 

One more family member to go, my Mom. She is living with us and at times it can be a bit crazy. She has the start of dementia and has had some TIA’s, which are mini strokes to the brain. Mom does pretty good. She goes to the senior center on my days off so I can take her and her best friend. They have such a great time playing bingo.

Weekends are very special to me. I love to cook on the grill and have my family all together for dinner. Even if this is for about a half hour I will take it. Life is to short not to spend a small amount of time together. It’s great to see your friends and to be part of their life too. But don’t forget about your loved ones. 

Family are the ones that will take care of you when you get sick or have someone to hold you when things don’t always go right. Family are the ones that have your back when your in a bind. Family are the ones that you can have a great time with. Take the time to say “I Love You”! You never know when it may be the last time you speak to them. 

This crazy world can be a scary place but, with your loved ones it’s a great place to be. Hug your loved ones forever! Even if they play like they don’t want one. 

I hope you enjoyed what I have wrote for the day. Remember, everyday is different and so are people. 

Thanks and good night!


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