August Favorites

Hello Everyone!

I almost forgot today was Blog Sunday! I have never done this before, but I would like to start doing this for you guys and me too.

My first Favorites Blog is going to be August Favorites!!!!

Here is the first one….

I have this note book. I love stationary! I decided that I wanted to write all the positives in the day. This has made me feel so much better as a person and as a day-to-day thing before bed. It is pink and it says “It’s a Beautiful Day”. I decided to do it after a really bad day. It only takes a few minutes.


My Canon EOS Rebel T5i. I love this thing. I can video with it and take photos. I love the flip screen to see what I am shooting. It is a touch screen. You can touch the screen to focus. You can also touch the screen to take a photo as well. I love it! ❤


My Nikon Coolpix Camera. Easy to fit in my bag and pocket when I walk around the track. Good video quality as well.


My teal/sea foam colored sun glasses. I love these! They are so different from everyone else’s. Everyone that I would walk by had Black Sunglasses. I wanted something different. Stand out of the crowd and start a new trend (I am definitely NOT a trend setter).

Don’t mind the mess in the sunglass…..


My everyday make-up and plus some. I don’t alway use make-up, but I am trying something new. I never used to wear it when I was younger. Now, I want to try to look my best with out looking fake. I love the Natural look.


Eyeliner pencil; Wet ‘n Wild Black

Mega Lush Mascara Black Black

Revlon Photo Ready Eye Primer and Brightener

Naked 3 Urban Decay and The Blush Nudes Eye Shadow

Practicing Days….

Mineral Powder

Cover Girl Cheekers Blush

Technique Brush

Ecotool Blush Brush

Foundation and Concealer Foam Blender

elf Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 Sunscreen (aloe, cucumber, and Vitamins A, C, & E)

I hope you enjoyed this little favorites blog. I want to try to do another one next month. See how it works out. I have a question for you….

What have you been loving this month?

Tag me on twitter @elizabirene or on instagram elizabirene

Or leave a comment down below.


See you later!!



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