Happy Golden Anniversary!!

Hello Everyone!

This one is going to be a long one. I had such an AMAZING DAY!! Yesterday was New England Dragway’s 50th Anniversary/Birthday!

On Septemeber 11, 1966, New England Dragway was born. I have had the pleasure of knowing some people that have been going since it opened. I have learned over the years so much about cars. I like that I get a leasson or hear some crazy stories from back in the day.

My father use to work on the Boston Strangler Alcohol Funny Car in the late 1970s and early 80s. He had a Team of Rick, Arnie, Bruce (himself), Bob and Keith. Rick worked with Bob Ellison on the Ellison/McGarvey 32 Willies Car (and with the Bell Boys). This car changed in a Funny Car soon after. Very breif history of this car is that Bob got in an accident somewhere between Boston Strangle Days and Ellison/McGarvey Car Days. He has been passed away for 10 years now from a stroke in the hospital (Not the accident injuries). This somewhat broke up the group with his passing and (of course money to keep it running. All good things must come to an end.). But besides that it was a piece of history that was great. Boston Strangler was one of the cars to beat back in the day. They were on fire.

From stories that I have heard, my father had to be the pole to hold up the body of the car when they forgot that at the garage when they trveled to New England Dragway for a match race or to Englishtown, NJ for a National Event.

These guys had to work during the week like Blue Colared guys in a shop or bagging groceries. Then they got to work on a Thursday afternoon/night to drive the night to Englishtown, NJ for a National Event then be back on a Sunday at New England Dragway for a Match Race. This is called the racing grind. My father has 2 Wallies to prove the hard work they put in.

Now for Saturday’s events, back to 2016, it was 50 years since New England Dragway opened. There was so much going on that you couldn’t of been bored. There was signings, NHRA Drivers; Bob Tasca and Tim Wilkenson and his son Danny Driving the Nitro Funny car, and all the Nestalga cars.

I think I took close to 100 pictures Saturday.


This is a replica of John Knox and Rodalyn Knox Country Girl Nitro Funny Car she used to drive. The young woman that was in the drivers seat yesterday is a very talented Alcohol Funny Car Driver. This was really cool. John and Rodalyn had no idea they had made this in honor of them. This can be seen at the Drag Museum coming soon. Also, the Alcohol Funny Car she drove will be there too.


Alcohol Funny Cars Side by Side. Rodlyn’s Country Girl Funny Car on the Right.


My dad and Chris (who helps out John Knox with the Funny Cars) feuling up the Nitro Funny Car, Whipple and Mr. Ed.


Bruce Larson & USA-1 Nitro Funny Car.


Rick McGarvey, My dad & Bob. Working of the Sizzler Alcohol Dragster.

Tim Wilkenson & Bob Tasca NHRA Nitro Funny Car Tents. It was such an honor for them to be here at this track. I can’t belive I have been watching them since the 1st Annual National Event at New England Dragway.

Show is about to start. The prep and staging lanes was getting busy.


Bruce Larson.


In the Lanes.



Pol Call Racing and their Monkey.


Jet Car.


Everyone hanging out.


Boston Challenger (Blair Smith just recently got licened) on the Left and Danger Zone (Paul Zona) on the Right.


Jet Cars. Al Hannah Directing in the Middle.


Fireworks to end a great night.


Me. Tired as hell. Fireworks in the background about 11pm. It was such a good day. We did have one blip at the start. Clean up took about and hour. It was ok though. You have to expect it with cars that are going 200 mph down the track. Stuff Happens. You can’t complain about it because there was other things you could of been looking at, like, the NHRA Racers getting ready for session 2, Nastagla Cars, and more. You could of talked to the Drivers. New England is not going to spend money on cleaning supplies when they don’t have that many events like NHRA. They only have so many big events each year.

It was a great day overall. I can’t wait to see where the future of racing for New England Dragway goes. I hope to bring my kids up there when I get to that stage in my life.

I just want to Thank New England for putting on such a great show even with the blips. I had a Blast! I can’t wait for the next 50 years. I will be at the next National Event.

I also want to Thank my father & mother for taking me to N.E.D 5 or 6 years ago to see Jet Cars under the Stars. I like to say that my father doesn’t give himself enough credit for raising such great kids, my sister and I. We can pass along a legecy and bring our kids to such a great family friendly track. I love listening to the stories and hanging around the people that work on cars.

(Stop Tearing up Liz).

Ok  think that is all my thoughts from the day. I can’t express how great of a day it was. The Announcers were great as well. As per usual.

I told you this was going to be a long one. If you made it to the end. Please leave a comment and push “Like” button….. Please! I have one question….

Would you get in a Nitro Funny Car or Alcohol Funny Car/Altered and go 0 to 200-300 in a 1/4 of a mile or 1000 ft?

I would.

Hope you enjoyed the breif History and I hope you can tell that I am proud of my Father and his friends.

Also, there is going to be a 2 part vlog of this day. I don’t know what I filmed, but I will try to get it up on Wednesday around 3pm! A little behind the scenes.

See you all next time!

Dream Big. Stay Positive! 🙂












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