September Favorites

Hello Everyone!

I love telling you about my favorites things I have been using or just been loving the past month. Here they are……

First: Buchi Cat Tea Bag Caddy.


I don’t think that is the name of it, but it is on Stash Tea’s website. I love this thing. I can now make sure my desk stays clean. No tea stains on the desk or stick spots. This just too cute not to have.

Second: Black Cat Car Air Freshener Holder.


I got this from Bath & Body Work. Believe it or not they have more than just body lotions and body washes. I love this because it is refillable. All you do is twist, put the smelly thing in there and enjoy the scent you want.

Third: Leaves Candle.


This candle is everything fall. It smells like it does right now outside with a touch of spice to it. The rain, the fresh air, and spices.

Fourth: Loose Teas.


I have been loving Stash Tea’s Loose Leaf teas. I have the Irish Breakfast which is a nice dark, robust tea. This definitely has a bit of a kick to it. The other tea is a Sweet Cinnamon Tea. This is a definite fall tea. It is just as it sounds. To me it smells like Applesauce or Apple Pie. The taste is robust but soothing.

Fifth: Baking Season.














FINALLY!!! It is baking season. I loved decorating this cake for my mom. I know it looks amateur because I am the average joe that makes piping bags out of Ziploc Bags. LOL!! πŸ™‚ I will be making more blog post about what I am baking. My days off will consist of baking cup cakes, cookies, pies, and so much more. What would you like to see me bake? Holiday will come soon. Like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am just so excited!

Oh, if anyone knows anything about Make-up please message me. I have been trying to look for a good lip color for fall. Something that isn’t sticky or shimmery or glossy. I am not sure if it is called a Matte Color? I just want to try something new. Thanks! πŸ™‚

Fall/Halloween Home Essentials coming soon!

Be Happy! Be Positive! Dream Big!

See you all soon!!



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