Breaking the Rules

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone’s Wednesday going? Mine has been busy.

Today, I just need to distress and get away from life for a second. It has been a bit of a stressful week. Life has taken a turn. It is for the better not worst. Don’t worry. I will introduce you to it soon.

Distressing for me is taking pictures. These are some pictures I took today.

img_1164 img_1165 img_1166 img_1169 img_1170 img_1171 img_1172 img_1177

And then I bother the dog while he is sleeping. He is sooooooooo cute.

img_1179 img_1176

Then I have a cool Mug that I love so much. It came with a cute Black Cat with it. It is a key chain.


Also did a DIY Garland. Dried oranges and cinnamon sticks. I strung the oranges on a string and tied the cinnamon sticks with a string.

img_1180 img_1181 img_1183

It smells great and has a lovely scent. Super easy to do. This would be great for you and your kids on a rainy day.

This blog has been so random but you know what I don’t play by the rules. I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay Positive! Dream Big! Spread the Love!

See you soon!



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