Best Friends Wedding / Vacation

Hello Everyone!

Yes, I have been gone for a week or two. I have a good explination though.

By the title, you may have already guessed what this one is going to be about.

Grab a cup of tea and a snack because this one is going to be a long one.

First up: My Best Friends Wedding.

She has been my best friend since 8th grade. We met in a sped class. We both were helping each other with math, english, science, and social studies (boring….). We cheated on tests together and got into to some funny trouble. As we moved through High School we could drive cars. Every time I got in the car with Erin there was always 80s or 90s on the radio. She also had a spare hair brush in the car to, to lend me as a microphone to sing into. Sure there was other people starring from the other lanes because they were jealous of our skills. We graduated from High School and went our seperate ways to college. Still calling each other almost everyday to see how class were going and love lives. Even in the middle of the night she would still answer a crying dorm room call from me because my roommate was EVIL. After college, I guess we are in that stage, she met a great guy named Mike. She has been happy ever since the first day she met him. They are both dorkie, smart, and caring. Ok, ok… enough mushy stuff, I know you want to see some pictures.

Here they are…


Waiting for hair.

Getting the bride ready.

Limo fun.


Funny pictures that took forever.

img_1272 img_1266 img_1268 img_1270 img_1276 img_1297 img_1304 img_1316


Church Fun.

img_1342 img_1343 img_1344 img_1350

Me Dancing in to the reception to Celebrate. Erin and Mike enter after!

img_1404 img_1415 img_1417

Let’s Dance!!


Singing that’s what friends are for at the end of the night to close out such a beautiful Bride and Groom’s day of marriage.

Love you both so much!!

On to Vacation:

After the wedding, Saturday night we flew to Florida for a Carnival Valor Cruise. This ship should not be allowed to be on the water (my sister kept saying this). We got on the boat at 2:30pm on Sunday. We were to leave port at 4:30pm to start to Freeport, Bahamas.

Here are some ship pictures:

img_3091 img_3097 img_3102 img_3103 img_3108 img_3109 img_3110 img_3112 img_3115 img_3116 img_3117 img_3118 img_3119 img_3120

Some ship fun. This thing was HUGE!!!!

Freeport, Bahamas

This was so devastating to go to. These poor people got hit by Hurricane Matthew a month before we went on the Cruise. All the damage from the wind and rain was incredible. Building roofs ripped apart and house damaged and boarded up. I have pictures from the beach which was beautiful.


It was such a nice day, breezy but nice. Perfect temperature.


I put my feet in the ocean.


The bar was really cool because it was made with the tree in mind.

Nassau, Bahamas

This Island was gorgeous.

img_3168 img_3169 img_3170 img_3171 img_3172 img_3173 img_3175

All the Cruise Lines, Atlantis, and a Christmas Store. The water was so blue that it was like a mirror. So beautiful. The shopping was fun. I will have to show you what I got in a (video) blog sometime.

I loved this trip. The beaches, the shops, the nice Bahama temperatures, and people were lovely. I have nothing bad to say at all.

I just don’t like boats. hahaha! 🙂

Definitely a trip of a life time with my sister and mother. We got to reconnect and talk. Just hang out. Catch up on life. We have such opposite schedules that we don’t get to talk or see each other. This was awesome. Good timing before I get busy and am not home (I am home but working a lot) for the Holiday Season.

If you have ever been to the Bahamas, did you have a good experience or do you want to tick it off the bucket list?

Hope you all enjoyed this! Have a good rest of your Sunday Funday! I have a ton to do today! Love you all.

I read a quote or saying that was something like, “You can only control what you do not others”. I thought that was kind of fitting or on point for the current events that had happened this pasted week. Let’s all Unite together and Spread love and kindness.

Stay Positive! Dream Big! Smile Lots!

See you soon!


P.S. Here is a challenge for you and I, Say “Hi” to someone with in 5ft of you. You never know if it will help them to see one smiling face during the day. Good Karma will come your way. – xoxo



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