November Favorites


To kick off Blogmas let’s start with a November Favorites.

Honestly, the only thing that is my favorite for this month was Thanksgiving. It was so chilled out this year. We had no traveling or anything to do except eat our own turkey we cooked. It was one of the best and busiest days.

I had tea and we watched the Macys* Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is a famous parade that has been going on since the early 1920s. With balloons, dancing, bands, and floats that are beautiful.

I had baked Snicker Doodles and a chocolate cream pie. My mother baked a Apple Crisp Pie. All was very good.

It was just so relaxing.

Tomorrow is my first day of Vlogmas Filming. I hope I can do this. Please don’t get upset with me when or if I miss a day or conjoin two days. I think it will be fun. I have other videos coming too. Blogmas is everyday. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see that would be awesome as well!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day!

I will see you all for Vlog / Blogmas!

Stay Positive! Dream Big!

See you lather!




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