Christmas Tree

Hello Everyone! Merry Blogmas!

I don’t think I have ever talked about my Christmas Tree. Our Christmas Tree has memories old and new. My grandmother’s mother made ordainments for her tree and now they have been pasted down from generation to generation.

My sister and I, decorate the tree every year together. It is one of those good sister moments every year. We never get to bond, so this is our way of doing that.

We use warm white lights now. When we were growing up we always had the multicolored lights. I think the warm white is just more elegant (in my opinion).

When we were growing up as well we had no pets that could climb or knock the tree over so we would always have had a real christmas tree. We would go cut it down each year. That was so fun doing that as a family. There would be snow on the ground too. I think I have a picture somewhere of us cutting the tree down.

Loving the multicolored outfits my mother put us in. That’t the 90s for you. 🙂

Christmas for me has been a great time of year. It is just fun to have all the festive holiday parties and see how everyone else decorates their trees as well. Some use dried flowers, bows, ribbons, and completely cover the tree. Some have tall, short, and boxwood trees for the season (which we do a lot during this season at work).

I hope everyone is enjoying my Blogmas!

I have had technical difficulties with my computer so there hasn’t been any Vlogs yet for Vlogmas. I have been filming everyday though. I promise they will be up soon. I am so sorry I have let you down. I feel really bad. I am staying positive through it all. Today, I am getting an external hard drive that I will be backing up videos on. And my whole computer.

Stay Positive! Dream Big!

I will see you all tomorrow!


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