Target Christmas Haul

Hello Everyone!

Recently went to Target and got a few things.

XL Scarf.


The Scarf is supper cozy. It is so big I could use it as a blanket and I love that. I am so warm in it whenever I wear it now. It is perfect for a nice white long sleeve shirt, leggings, and a pair of nice boots.

Christmas Onesie PJ’s.


Red and Green colored long Johns. They are like the old style button up ones. They have the small squares indented into the fabric. I have no idea if I am explaining correctly.

Santa and Elf Knitted Hats.


The Santa and elf hat are sooooooooo comfortable. Wicked cute too. Both hats have bobbles on them. Santa hat is like santa’s belt. Black belt with the buckle. Red and white colors. Fits very well and is super warm. The Elf Hat, which my favorite part has to be the elf knitted ears. It is red, white and green.

Bow Christmas Sweater.


I love this sweater or jumper (if you are British or Scottish). It is a red sequins bow on the front. The sweater is super fluffy like a sheep’s coat. I was actually too warm in it. That says a lot for me because I am always freezing cold. My hands are. I have a heated blanket I put on at night and then I shut it off half way through the night because I get to hot.

Christmas “Ugly” Sweaters.



One has a Christmas Tree and the other Wreaths, Christmas Tree, Poinsettias, and a House(?) or Santa’s Work Shop(?). These are comfy for sure. I am not sure how long I lasted with it blinking like crazy every time I moved though. Maybe an hour. (Hehe!!)

Target was fun to go through. They alway have great products for clothes, make-up, and grocery store items. Target has always been my favorite place to get something quick and fun for christmas and birthdays.

I hope you all love this blog for christmas!

Dream Big! Stay Positive!

See you later!





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