Holiday House Warming Gift


Hello Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your Holiday Season thus far.

I bet all the Holiday Parties are coming up soon. I bet you have been looking for something to bring for the party.

Here are some suggestions:

Blooming Plant:

  • Small Poinsettia (if they don’t have pets)
  • Christmas Cactus

Flower Arrangements:

  • Hand Tied Bouquet
  • Small Vase arrangement


  • Red
  • White

Baked Goods

  • Pick up some pastry from your favorite bakery
  • Make something yourself

Fruit Basket

Cheese and Cracker Basket

Popcorn Trio Tin

  • Mixture of Cheese, Carmel, and Butter Popcorn

This is the list I came up with. I would bring at least a couple of these things. I would choose something simple. I couldn’t show up empty handed. Especially, if you are just meeting them or have just met the family for the first time a little bit ago. You want to impress this is the way to do it.

Like I said it is just a few Christmasy House Warming Gift Ideas. Hope this helps you with your Holiday Party struggle of what to bring to someones house.

What do you usually bring or if you do at all?

Stay Positive! Dream Big!

See you soon!


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