Quick and Easy Festive Treats

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

I have my Christmas Sweater (Jumper) on today that lights up every time I move.

I thought I would share some quick and easy Christmas Treats I saw on Pinterest or other bloggers have done them as well. I thought I would try my hand at it.


Pretzel Wreaths:

Regular salted Mini Pretzels, White Chocolate, and Festive Sprinkles.

The side with the 2 arches you dip in the white chocolate and lay down on parchment paper in a circle touching each other.

The single sided bit of the pretzel gets dipped in the white chocolate and then laid on top of the circle you just made so they are opposite themselves.

Then drizzle a little more of the white chocolate before you use the sprinkles.

Put them in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes to so they can stick together.

Enjoy your first treat!



1 cup Corn Flakes, 1 bag Mini Marsh Mellows, 1/2 stick Butter, Green Food Coloring, & White or Red Decorating Pearls

On the stove, Heat up 1/2 stick butter until melted.

Add the bag of Mini Marsh Mellows until melted.

Add the cup of Corn Flakes and fold them in until they are all coated.

Add a few drops or until you think it is green enough to your liking.

Scoop them on to a non stick paper or on your Coffee Cake like my mom has done for years.

Sprinkle the White or Red Pearls on.

Enjoy your Mistletoe and/or Holy Drops!


Brownie Christmas Trees:

(For me these were a disaster).

Brownie Mix (of your choice), Candy Canes, Green Icing, and Festive Sprinkles.

Mix up the brownie mix. Bake the brownies and let them cool all the way through.

Cut them into triangles. You could also use a Christmas Tree Cookies cutter too. That would probably be so much better.

Before you decorate. Break your Candy Canes at the round hook part to make them straight. Stick the Candy Canes into the triangles to make them look like Christmas Trees. Be careful!

Put your green frosting in a sandwich or snack plastic bag and cut the corner off just so slightly. Squeeze the bag gently to make the frosting come out of the bag and swirl it on the brownies.

Then sprinkle your Festive Sprinkles on and let them set.

Enjoy your Brownie Christmas Trees!


Candy Cane Hearts:

Mini Candy Canes, White Chocolate, Decorations.

Melt your white chocolate over a double burner. Which means boil water in a pan and put the chocolate in another bowl to melt down.

Put your Candy Canes in a heart shape.

Put the melted white chocolate in a snack plastic bag and cut the corner.

Squeeze the bag gently and color in the Candy Cane Heart until filled.

Sprinkle some festive sprinkle in the center or just leave blank.

Put in the refrigerator 20 to 30 minutes or until the white chocolate is hard.

Enjoy your Candy Cane Hearts!


I hope you will enjoy making theses as much as I did! I want to see your pictures.

Tag me on instagram: elizabirene or Twitter: elizabirene

You should also use the #BakingwithElizabethIrene

Enjoy your festive treats and I will see you all again soon!

Stay Positive! Dream Big!



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