Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello Everyone!

Traditions. Traditions come and go as we grow older and we make new ones with families. Everyone is busy and everyone has to now schedule time to do things.

Traditions like my family. We use to have everyone over Christmas Eve and my parents would have my Grandmother and Grandfathers bring in all the presents when my sister and I were little kids. We would have a good stack.

Now that we have grown up things have changed. The family doesn’t come over anymore. We make sure my mom is safe home from Boston where she works.

I still keep my tradition. Hanging out with my sister and wrapping presents for everyone. Now that I am old enough I have a glass of wine and watch Christmas Movies. Like National Lampoon’s Christmas or The Year without a Santa Claus is one of my FAVORITES!!! Freeform should bring those back!

I love my Christmas traditions even though they are in a different place, with different people, and have the holiday season not go by so quickly.

I wish you the best Holiday Season. If you know someone that is in a jam make sure to help them put a smile on their face. I know I did that this season. She was so ecstatic. I even got a hug. 🙂

What are your traditions for the Holiday Season?

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays!!

Love you guys! Thank you for reading my blog each day!


Dream Big! Stay Positive!

See you next year!

I am taking a week! What would you like to see during the New Year?

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