Reintroducing the Pets

Hello Everyon!

I know I know this is late. Like super late. I am sorry!

Here are some cute pictures of the pets. I have some fun ones and other sleepy cats.

Let’s start with the oldies and then the newbies.

The oldest of the family are the two sisters.

Elvis and Shylah. They are two small fur balls that are my babies. My fur-babies. I love them to bits and pieces. They both cuddle with me, make my day better, and always sit with me when I am down.



Sunday Mornings.

I really can’t say enough about these two. They just make me happy. I know they don’t know what I say to them when I talk to them but who doesn’t talk to their pets.

The oldie but newie. Buster. I call him Buster-beans! I don’t know why I just do. My mom and sister say Buzz or Buzz Light Year. I love that!


Reindeer Buzz.

He is 6 this past year. Very like an old man. He is the fun sucker. When the other two play he likes to try and stop them. Even when he goes to day care.

When he was a puppy he was never exposed to other dogs. He was just in a sun room. My sister luckily got him out of the day care he was living in for the past (last year or two ago) 6 months. People are so cruel.



Duke sleeping. 

Duke is a Big Black dog and his full name is Marmaduke (like the movie). He is a puppy still though. He is only 1 still. He is 2 this January. He is very sweet with Buster. He loves him very much. He is a bit crazy when he is with the other one (which he isn’t even two yet).

When he isn’t crazy he is the sweetest thing in the world. He will cuddle with you, but you have to pet him. If you stop he will punch you to make sure you will pet him still. Those punches sometime hurt when he is excited. He can punch me all he wants because he needs all the loving in the world. He was also given up at the same doggie day care as Buster.


Now on to the little pup. His name is Rajah. He is named after the tiger in Alddian. He is a little cuddle bug. He was being fostered by a lovely woman. She was very nice. He has been with us since Christmas Eve. He is 6 months old. Very adorable!

Not sure what his little personality is yet, but hopefully as he grows he will settle down and calm down. HAHA!!! NOT!!!

The cats and dogs live seperately on different floors. The cats are up stairs and the dogs are down stairs on the ground level. They may have run of the house but I still give them all the same loving.

Things may seem crazy for a small house but we all love the pets just as much as we should. Even Nana. We, I guess Love her too. She is like a lost puppy sometimes. To be honest she has early onset of demetia. Just meaning she forgets a lot and repeats herself all the time.

The pets are probably one of the best parts of the house even if I seem stressed out about it all the time (sometimes).

They are beautiful animals and are your best friends through their and your life time. Protect them and they will protect you. Give them love and they will love you. Keep them warm and they will keep you warm.

This is it for me today. Pets are the best! No doubt about it!

Stay Positive! Stay Strong! Dream Big!

See you later!


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