Bruins vs Islanders

Hello Everyone!

Today, I went to the Bruins Game with my best friend.

We got on the train about 10 AM and got into Boston about 11AM or so. We walked around and the first place we stopped at was the World Famous Mike’s Pastry to get a Hot Cocoa and a Black and white cookie. Their pastries are absolutely AMAZING!!

We walked around the North End. I took some pictures. She was embarrassed of me. I just wanted the perfect Instagram Photo that’s all. 🙂

I got it!

We then walked from the North End to Faneuil Hall. I forgot how good it smelt. Just not the seafood part. Yuck!

Of course we had to stop in the Christmas Store that is open year round.

We made our way back to the Garden. We took a small detour though because I forgot which way we were going. We ended up at the Winter Wonderland thing. It is not as big as I thought it was going to be. It looked very small.


Back to the Garden we go. We got to our seats and They were top row. Section 306, Row 15, Seats 7 & 8. You are like on the ceiling. It is one of the best views ever of the Garden.

The play of the game was all Islanders. Bruins were so sloppy it was ridiculous. No tape to tape passes. It was all off. Just super sloppy plays. Not like Bruins Hockey at all. The Zebra’s stopped all the fights. It stunk. Not really for the best of the game. I would of liked to see Defense come a live but that didn’t happen either. The only one I notice trying was Torey Krug and Chara on the back end. Bergeron is always playing 110%. He is just a prince.

Overall I got to spend time with my best friend and see her which I don’t normally do. We are going to try and see each other more and put the effort in.

Definitely one of the best days I have had in a long time. Thank you very much Bestie! :)This is going to be a good memory!

I hope everyone else enjoyed this too! Something positive to kick the week off. I am happy I had this Monday off to spend it in Boston.

See you all on Sunday!

Stay Positive! Dream Big!


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