New Year, New Me

Hello Everyone!

With the New Year here, I have been thinking.

Thinking for me is never a good thing. I think too much!

This is hard for me because all my friends and family follow this blog on this platform. I am not really happy with this platform. I want to start over again.

I want to start fully over. I am not sure if I can say this on here, but I have always wanted to try Blogger out on Google. I am not sure why. I think it is because you can have easier access to blogs and blogger communities on there.

I feel like it is MySpace. Do you 90s kids remember that website? You had to try to get it all cool. You had to use the HTML codes and everything. I think it is just easier to use. When you post on here you can’t put different pages to them. It is just easier to figure out over there. So, I am switching. I have a general link.

I would love for all of you to follow me there. I am going to be posting about Lifestyle, Food, and Travel. These are my top three to things to be talking about.

Lifestyle is going to have a bit of everything. Beauty Reviews, Teas; I drink, and my Fashion sense on Pinterest. (Haha!) And more.

Food is going to have recipes, baking, and what I have made for dinner in the past week.

Travel is going to be… well traveling to different parts of the state or other places I go to. Whether it is day trips, NPS, or Weekends away. This will be the fun page.

I just would love a little support to see what I can do on Blogger. I think if you have a Google Account you can subscribe easily.

I am excited to start and launch a new blog. I have been here for two years. Time to step up my game and be happy with what I am doing. My influence for this is Zoella (she is a beauty blogger and vlogger), Louise Pentland (also a beauty, mother, comedian blogger/vlogger), and Poppy Deyes (healthy blogger). I could name so many more, I would bore you with all the names of my influences.

Honestly, if you work hard enough to make a difference you will. I am an introvert and this is my voice; blogging. I never really understood it and still don’t, but I think I know what my interest are now. DIY is just too expensive. It was putting me in a hole. I know I am creative and can do what I want. I will still do them, but not as intense.

I am still going to keep this blog and from time to time I will come and say “Hello” once and a while. I just think I need to try something new. I want to relaunch my “brand”. I didn’t even have one on here. I think I have found what I want to talk about. Cooking is going to motivate me to eat health and pair wine with my food. And Yes there is going to be wine pairs on my blogs. You can’t stop me.

Just want to say again thank you for the support here but I am going to be moving. All my social medias will be the same.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow and say Hello once and a while.

See you all on the flip side!

Stay Positive! Dream Big!


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