Patriots Day Review

Hello Everyone! Happy Sunday!

Last night , I went to see Patriots Day. The movie is about the Marathon Bombing.

Mark Wahlberg and the entire cast were unbelievably AWESOME!!!! They hit every point of the day and what felt like a week of searching for these people.

From the start, the Boston Police and the accents; may have been a bit dramatic, but needed to be.  This movie needed some dramatic dynamic in it.  The Boston accent was on point, still.

The actors really did look like the people killed and injured. It was really freaky.  The villains were an exact look a like.  It was scary.  The things they did after were just unspeakable.

My reaction to the whole movie:

I think I was crying the whole time watching.  It brought back so many dark memories.  I worked at the National Park Service during this time.  Monday, Patriots Day, I was in the Visitors Center helping customers and visitors with maps and gift shop items.  Around 3 pm approximately, the visitors center got a call to make sure everyone was out of the visitors center and go into an office and don’t move. We were on lock down and had the National Park Services Police walk the perimeter of the whole building to make sure we were secure.

At this time I had no idea what was going on.  There was just a lot of commotion going on.  I was confused, scared, and wanted to ask questions.  We ended up turning on the news and they had said that 2 bombs went off.  Now, I remember my mother was working for an ambulance company at the time and she was near the marathon.  I wasn’t sure where she was if she was at the finish line or just outside the marathon.  I couldn’t get a hold of her because they turned all cell phone service off near and around Boston.  My heart was sinking.  I was thinking the worst.  I was texting my cousin who was at the Park with me, but she was in a different location.

The next day I had no desire to go to work.  I was texting my cousin.  I had the worst stomach ever.  We didn’t know where they drove too.  They could have easily come our way, but didn’t.  You just had to keep your eyes open.  My cousin was luckily at the visitors center with me that day and all the people I liked working with were too.  We met people that had escaped Watertown.  They just left and came to Salem to get away from it all.  I guess the less people in the city of Boston the better.  I remember it being on lock down for a week.  The Bruins Game and Red Sox Game was cancelled or Postponed.  Red Sox won; Bruins Lost.  I remember seeing all the tweets from the Bruins players and prayers everyone was sending.

I could go on and on about the whole thing, but I don’t feel I need too. It was just a load of emotion. 

I give you a recommendation to go and see this movie. It will give you everything you need to know about this day in detail. Very good movie. I would show this to my kids and my kids kids.  It is a perfect replica of the days and week events.  Definitely go see it.  

Boston is a Strong city. We can’t be broken.  Love you Boston! You are always in my heart and be my home forever.  ❤

Stay Positive! Dream Big! 


See you soon! 🙂


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