February Favorites

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let you know what I have been using for products the past few months that I have liked, today.

(I know I don’t have the best flat lays either.  Please excuse that!)

Let’s start with the eyes.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer.

The eye shadow primer is anti-aging.  It is smooth when it goes on and you can apply the eye shadow when it is wet to your eye.  I think the primer helps with the blending and helps it last all day very nicely.  It doesn’t irritate my eyes.  I am very sensitive to that type of thing.

Moving toward the green egg…

CoverGirl So Lashy! blast pro. Mascara.

I saw James Charles and Zendaya use this in one of James Charles Videos.  He was also on The Ellen Show.  He talked about being the first male CoverGirl, which I feel that is so cool and awesome our world is changing to accept everyone in it.

The mascara is easy to get off with soap and water or with a make-up wipe.  It makes your eyes really open when you use it.  Easy to apply.  The end part is easy to get into the corners of your eyes.  I use the Black/Black color.

Moving toward the yellow egg…

The Copper eyelash curlers.

I just liked the color. Plan and simple. LOL!

Moving toward the blue egg…

Maybelline Lash Sensational full fan effect.

Applying this mascara is a breeze.  The brush is curved.  The mascara really opens up your eyes and you look so much brighter.  When washing it off at the end of the day, it is very easy to do with soap and warm water.  It last all day.


I recently went to Khols’ to buy some clothes and just to poke around at make-up.  I found Stay’cation from Bliss.  Bliss has a face wash, body washes, and cleansers.  I never knew they had foundations.  I got the oil-free foundation.  It goes on smooth, lasts all day, and doesn’t make me itch like some foundations.  This also doesn’t have a fragrance.  This blends with my skin well.  Very good coverage as well.

Now we are getting to the good stuff…

Eye Shadows.

I maybe a little behind the 8 ball on this one.  For me, I finally could afford them.  The Chocolate and Peach Too Faced Palettes.  They smell AMAZING and they have the most beautiful colors in them.  The eye shadows blend very well.  I can’t say anything negative about these two palettes.  Just amazing! Any colors are good for an every day look.


I got these at Khols’.  They were on sale and I am a kids size foot.  These are so comfortable to wear and keep my feet warm.  They are wide for my toes which is nice.  I think these are good for a fall and winter looks when you go out.  I usually wear them with a sweater (jumper) and some jeans.  I just wear them casual.

Body Lotion.

Because it is winter, my hands get dry.  I love this fragrance.  “Let it Snow”.  The bottle that it is in is very pretty.  I love the snow on it.  The key notes that are in it are Iced Pear, Frozen Melon, Winter Apple, Snowdrop Blossom, and Frosted Musk.  To me it smells like the first snow of the winter season.  I wear this pretty much everyday.


Some Bloopers from the day…

I love this!

Stay Positive! Dream Big!

See you all soon!!


P.S. Blog Post tomorrow (3/14) will be up around 8:30-9pm EST.


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