Hello Everyone!


I have never been to this store before.  I know it is a mostly European store.  It is so nice to walk in and see what you would like.  You are so overwhelmed with everything in the store you just would love to spend like 4 to 5 hours in there.

I bought shirts, jeans, and am going to go back for more.



This is the cutest shirt I have ever bought. I love it!  It has no sleeves so you can wear it with a cute sweater. It is dark green and White hearts for the pattern.

White and black shirt.  It has hearts, stars, ice cream cones, and music notes on it.  Super adorable just like the green with white hearts. The fabric is very light.  Super comfortable.

I have something similar to the one above that is long sleeve.  It has some of the same pattern on it.  The color is a peach and black (the black is the fun doodles).

These two are crop tops. I’m thinking more summer time when you wear the overalls or a skirt or high wasted jeans.

Also, got 2 sweaters.  This one is a blue and white knit. The other is a metallic rose gold knitted sweater.

(Of course Rajah was helping me with my flat lays).

Some nice black super skinny jeans. My calves barely fit. It is ok though. They are soft and stretchy.



Prettiest containers ever. The candle smells like spring flowers.

The container is a tin. Very cute and clean cut painting. Smells like Honey.

The box and the bottle are the cutest. The copper top is screw on and off. You just put it in the corner of the room. It is a super sweet bottle with the defuser sticks that take 24 hours to let the scent come into your room.

I hope you have enjoyed this little haul.  I love doing these so hopefully there will be more in the future. Hope you all had a good day! Enjoying the rain today for myself up until Thursday it will be raining. That’s ok the rain will melt the snow and bring the flowers.

If you are going through hard times like I am right now, try to stay positive as possible. You will feel better eventually. I am going to try my best to stay as positive as possible. Keep my mind busy and keep myself moving forward. You and I can do this.

Dream Big! Stay Positive!

See you all later!



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