Making Vanilla Extract 

Hello Everyone! 

Good Evening! I hope everyone has had a great Sunday Funday! 

Today, I was inspired to make Vanilla Extract. I got the recipe from Ina Garten. Her cook book is awesome! I recommend it if you are looking for great healthy food options and very good desserts. 

The vanilla extract is brilliant. Something very easy for everyone. 

Only 3 Steps to success.

Step 1: 

Clean and empty bottle. 

Step 2:

Get vanilla bean from your local farm or specialty store. 

Step 3:

Put both items in the bottle and let it sit for a month. 

Ian said she has had her vanilla extract for more than 20 years in her cabinet. You keep up with the vanilla bean and vodka; you are all set for a never ending supply of our favorite flavoring for frosting. 

Good luck! Have fun! Keep on baking! 

Stay Posotive and Dream Big!!

See you soon!! 



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