Tea Time: Part 1

Good Afternoon/Morning/Night!

How is everyone today?

Time to get your tea and relax.

Let’s start off with a question.

What is your favorite tea you start the day with?

Mine is Black Tea. English Breakfast, to be exact.

Here are a few I like…



This tea is from Stash Tea. They are a company based in Oregon, Washington state. It is a light black tea.  You would think that black tea would be harsh, but it isn’t.  Stash Tea has all different teas like herbal, black, and iceed teas.



Black tea comes in all different ways.  This is from Tea Pigs. I get it at my local small grocery store.  It is a British company. They have all sorts of wellness teas and herbal teas.


This one if I am running late or I am feeling too lazy to boil water in the morning then I use this one.  I do my best to get up and boil water.


Twinings isn’t my favorite thing to put in the Keurig.  It tastes WAY different then when you boil water and put a tea bag in your tea cup. It taste burnt almost.  Like I said not one of my favorite ones to drink.


These are also some of the tools I use to make my teas.


My twig tea scoope.


My red mittens for Christmas time.


One of my favorite tea infusers; my orange cat. So, cute the way it sits in my tea cup. I wish it were a black cat though because I love my black cats.


Hope you guys enjoyed this little Tea Time: Part 1.  There will be more to come.  I have been working on a few things for my blog. I can’t wait to share them.

Blogs for me are just a fun this to do to remember what I have done and it is a hobby for me.

See you all later!

Stay Positive! Dream Big!


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